Friday, March 5, 2010

i am NOT my hair

okay so as u may or may not know, erricka and I are both natural! Erricka did her post on some products she likes for her hair but considering we both have different hair (i have good hair lmao jk) i decided i'd let you guys in on the products i use on my hair as well. i use a lot of random things actually but my top 5 products are... 5...Carlos Daughter Tui Hair Conditioner (not pictured)
4...Options by framesi
3...Dark & Lovely kids outchless detangler
2...Biosilk Silk Therapy
1...Frederic Fekkai luscious curls

let me explain these things kay?
5...Carlos daughter i use as a deep conditioner. its a "hair smoothie" it makes ur hair really soft and it smells awesome. sephora has it n its 20$ for 8oz
4...Options, i put like a dime size amount of this in my hair b4 i blow it out. i got it from the salon it was like 16$ for 13.5 fluid oz
3...Dark & Lovely kids, i use this to untangle my curls plus it smells sooo good! i got this from wally world (walmart) for like 4 or 5 bucks. plus it smells sooo good!
2...Biosilk...i use this b4 i blow my hair out as well, like a dime size & also after my hair is straight to add shine. this ish is EXPENSIVE its like 36$ for 12 fluid oz but its worth it to me =) target has it as well as ulta(i think)
1...Frederic Fekkai. i use this if i leave my hair curly! it helps the curls stay longer. the small thing is 9$ the big one is 20$
so thats pretty much what i use after a regualr hair wash b4 i straighten my hair. thats all loves until next time...peace =)

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